Sustainable Development

By producing clean electricity, FUTUREN contributes to meeting today’s energy needs while respecting the environment and the population. It is a responsible, lasting and civic commitment.

Each wind farm is designed and developed with special attention to:

  • Its place in the landscape and the environment
  • Listening and dialogue
  • Local development
  • The technical quality and the reliability of the technologies used
  • The financial return on the project

These fundamental elements are the guarantee to develop the best possible wind farm for the community, the local residents and FUTUREN.

Dialogue with stakeholders

Information and consultation are two priorities for FUTUREN

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Respecting the environment and its residents

Preserving the environment and respecting the communities for the good of all

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Quality and professionalism

Developing wind farms to their highest environmental value

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Case study

Example of a Group’s achievement: the successful installation of the Moulin de Froidure wind farm

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