A focus on onshore wind energy

We have chosen to focus our activity on onshore wind energy because we consider it the most advanced (excluding hydro) of renewable energies.

The wind industry benefits from a mature and reliable technology, a production price which is the closest to the electricity market price and favorable political support in the countries where FUTUREN operates. Significant technological progress has been achieved these past few years to make wind equipment reliable, which has allowed for a price decline of the related equipment.

Wind energy strongly contributes to protecting the environment. It participates in the energy independence of the countries that develop it and will soon have a significant role in the world's energy mix. Most people and public authorities are already aware of this fact. The political will to develop renewable energies has led to adopting a legislative and regulatory stance favorable to renewable energy, and wind energy in particular.

FUTUREN produces electricity from wind power in 4 countries: Germany, France, Morocco and Italy. Germany, France and Morocco constitute the stable core of the Group’s operating wind assets.

All the electricity produced by the wind farms in operation is compulsorily purchased in its entirety by local grid operators, at a guaranteed tariff, on a long-term basis of between 15 and 20 years, depending on the country.

This secure activity therefore generates a recurring revenue and regular cash flows on a long-term basis, consistent with the economic model of infrastructures.

Generating wind power in 4 countries with different wind characteristics enables the Group to reduce the impact of unfavorable wind conditions in one country over a given period.