Wind market

A booming energy

The global wind energy market registered strong growth in 2015, with the commissioning of 63.5 GW over the year. After that, the total of wind facilities commissioned over the world reached 433 GW.

The environmental awareness among the general population and governments together with an international political will, a favorable legislative and regulatory environment as well as a technology that has been improved more and more have played a major role in this expansion and have contributed significantly to the growth of the market.

The ever-growing operating wind capacity increased by 21% on average betweeen 2007 and 2015.

Significant growth ahead

The worldwide wind energy market shows attractive growth prospects. The need for various countries to secure their energy supplies and address environmental concerns, together with significant technological improvements, support this expected growth.

The experts from GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council) predict continued solid growth for wind energy, leading to more than 790,000 MW of worldwide installed capacity by the end of 2020.