COP21: a climate agreement adopted in Paris!

On December 12, 2015, after 15 days of negotiations, delegates from 195 countries ended the 21th UN conference on climate change by adopting an agreement to enter into force in 2020.

The agreement notably sets the target of keeping the average rise in temperature below 2°C by the end of the century. Each country will contribute to this goal according to its level of development. National contributions will be reviewed every 5 years.

Also, a minimum of $ 100 billion will be made available, each year from 2020, by developed countries to emerging countries, to finance projects intended to fight against climate change.

This agreement, widely described as “historic”, relies on a long-term vision towards a low carbon model and will allow to accelerate global energy transition.

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10,000 MW of wind power connected to the grid in France

In the run-up to the Paris Climate Conference (COP 21) in December 2015, the French wind fleet has reached the mark of 10,000 MW connected to the grid. These facilities enable to cover the domestic electricity needs of a little more than 6 million households, said the French Renewable Energy Industries Association in a press release.

The aim of France is to reach 19,000 MW of installed onshore wind farms by 2020.

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Europe opens the way to the climate conference of Paris in late 2015

As early as the end of February 2014, the European Commission published its climate commitments in view of the agreement which should be reached in Paris during the 21st international climate conference in December 2015. In line with its 2030 Energy-Climate package, Europe set the objective of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, compared to 1990.

Europe is the first to state its commitments. Each signatory country is required to announce its contribution project by the end of May 2015. The positions of China and the United States of America are especially expected. The objective is to reach a global effort enabling to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2050, compared to 2010.

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Progress of the works for the Haute Borne wind farm

FUTUREN is currently carrying out the construction of a new wind farm in the Somme French department, in the towns of Languevoisin-Quiquery, Breuil and Billancourt. With 7 wind turbines of a nominal capacity of 3 MW each, the installed capacity of the future wind farm will reach 21 MW.

Construction started in February 2014 with earthmoving works for access roads and crane platforms. Civil works then enabled to create seven foundations. The construction site is now ready to install the internal electric wind turbine network, pending the arrival of wind turbines on site.

The wind farm is expected to be commissioned by the second half of 2015.

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Lima: last minute agreement to reduce CO2 emissions

On Sunday December 14, 2014, the 20th UN climate conference ended in Lima, Peru.

Further to two weeks of negotiations and an extension of more than 30 hours, the 195 countries attending the conference reached an agreement: in 2015, each country will have to define its own contribution to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the current situation, the growth of global emissions would lead to a global warming of 3 to 4°C. Commitments will have to enable a global decrease in emissions of 40% to 70% by 2050, in the aim of limiting to 2°C the increase in the planet temperature by the end of the century.

The agreement entered into is a first step towards the awaited Paris climate conference which will be held from November 30 to December 11, 2015. The objective of the conference will be to sign a comprehensive global agreement to come into force in 2020, committing industrialized countries and developing countries in a joint action against global warming.

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Fady Khallouf took part in the Forum Nouveau Monde 2013

The Forum Nouveau Monde is an annual meeting for debate and dialogue around important economic questions. The 2013 edition took place on Wednesday April 17, 2013 at the OECD headquarters in Paris. Fady Khallouf, CEO, spoke during the 2nd session “Scarcity, sustainability, competitiveness: what energy for tomorrow?” alongside Delphine Batho, then Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Gérard Mestrallet, CEO of GDF-Suez, Yves-Louis Darricarrere, Upstream Managing Director of Total and Fatih Birol, Head Economist at the International Energy Agency.

Awareness of environmental urgencies and the need to reduce CO2 emissions impose on an increasing number of countries the need to adapt their energy mix, and sometimes their production model. Which energy mix may support economic growth? How can we produce a cheaper clean energy?

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