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Requests for conversion of almost 1,600,000 OCEANEs   (2011/06/17 07:00 AM)

THEOLIA has been informed, by Société Générale, the bank in charge of the conversion of the OCEANEs (convertible bonds), of requests for conversion of almost 1,600,000 OCEANEs during the month of June 2011. Pursuant to the terms of the prospectus number 07-368 dated October 23, 2007, amended by the prospectus number 10-198 dated June 23, 2010, conversions only come into effect at the end of each month and the shares are delivered on the seventh business day following the last business day of the month.


The effective conversion of these OCEANEs would result in the creation of almost 13,800,000 new shares and would reduce by almost 24.4 million euros to approximately 129.3 million euros the maximum amount to be reimbursed on January 1, 2015 in case of request.


The monthly statement relating to the number of shares making up the share capital of the Company, published at the beginning of each month, shall detail this information once the conversion has come into effect.





Edward F. McDonnell
Investor Relations
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Public relations and Communications
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